When Writing Websites – Check Out the Competition

A great place to start with your writing websites project is to view your competition’s website. Check out the key words and meta description that are included in their HTML code. To do this, visit their site and from your computer menu select View and then Source or Page Source. Each website page has this option and you should find a string of key words and a description that tells about that page. Here’s what you will find at AllWrite Ink:

<META NAME=”DESCRIPTION” CONTENT=”AllWrite Ink, freelance writing experts, write your website content, newsletters, brochures, or marketing collateral. Do people read your communications? If not, contact AllWrite Ink, freelance writing Words People Read: business writing, newsletters, websites, marketing collateral.”>
<META NAME=”KEYWORDS” CONTENT=”Freelance writing,business writing,more than words,writing business letters,website writing, web writer, website content”>
These words don’t appear on the website page, but the search engines find them and this information is used for your organic search results.
Next – visit Fagan Finder and type in your competition’s web address. The page reveals a series of colored boxes that you can click on to show who links to them, the directories they are listed in and the alliances they’ve made with other companies. This should help you make connections and perhaps will uncover additional avenues for your business.
View the competition’s website in two manners – what they are doing well and where you can do even better.
For a complete strategy for keeping tabs on your competition, check out the article in Inc Magazine.
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