Writing Websites with Meta Descriptions

Quality web copywriters will make sure that each page of website content includes title tags, meta key words and a meta description that corresponds with the purpose of that page.

What is a meta description?

This definition is from dottraffic: Meta description tags are hidden from the user and not visible on the page, but function in other ways, no less significant. The meta description tag is text the Website owner composes, which describes the page in the most accurate way for the search engine spider to conveniently find out what the Website’s essence is. Its Search Engine Marketing value is not so much the ranking as it is in correctly identifying the Website content. Google, for instance, will list the meta description of the page on the search result listing.

You may hear HTML and your brain closes off – but really, a quality web site copywriter will be able to take a key statement from your website content and create a meta description designed to attract the search engines. 

Think of it this way:  website content are the words that the target prospect who lands on your page can view and read.

Meta key words and descriptions are there for the search engine spiders that help index your site properly.

Your meta description should include a geographical locator (Midwest, serving your county, name of your state) and the key words that readers will be searching. You have about 35-40 words to describe your business and the primary purpose for that specific website page.

Note: each page should have unique meta descriptions.

Need help?  Call a web copywriter, like me for help.

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